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BATCH 83 Silver Jubilee Fund

Bank Account

Mary Grace Azura-Reyes and Carol Centino-Mapeso

Bank of the Philippine Islands, Butuan City Branch

Peso Account No. 2223-1246-42

Dollar Account No. 2224-0049-93

Year 2003

Garme, Amy P 1,000.00 Php
Gonzaga, Carol 1,000.00
Jampac, Jing Jing 1,000.00
Pag-ong, Jay 1,000.00
Ponce, Ferdie 1,000.00
Tess Priete Tatara $    200.00 Usd


Joyce, Gonzales P    500.00 Php


Bettsy Fay, Gudelosao-Tecson 1,000.00