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    I was returning from my vacation in planet Saturn to attend the wedding of my close friend. My trip was made possible by the latest invention of International Scientist of the year, Cerecio Monato, He named it Sue 69. He was assisted by mathematicians Analiza Calo and Abegail Ann Calo.
    The invitation shocked me at first, But the announcement was final…King Charles is divorcing his aging wife Princess Diana to marry the young and lovely Grace Azura. The marriage was set on the fourteenth of February, year 1990. To tie the knots is Cardinal Gresito Yncierto. The reception will be held at the newly constructed underwater glass palace concieved by the ingenius mind of Architect Carol Gonzaga
    Acting as bestman was world-renowned charmer and international playboy, Ernesto Agcaoili, and as Maid of Honor was no less than former Miss Galaxy and top-ranking International Model, Celerina Rosales.
    When I arrived, there were already many guests. Among them were; Pres. Gaudencio Paulma, Jr. and First Lady Christine Ong Yiu Paulma, Also Present was Playboy Centerfold and Playboy Playmate of the year, Rena Cabrera, who created a controversy when posing with her clothes on. Adding more glitter to the star-studded affair was the presence of the clashing handsome millionaire Ferdinand Ponce, who at 33, is still the most edible. . . .Rather, eligible Bachelor. Then there was the Gold Medalist in Women's Wrestling Championships, Rima "Bomber" Monet with her manager Joel Tabada. Another prominent figure I saw was actor Carlo Gutierrez, star of silent movies, with him is rumored live-in girlfriend, Emma Perez together with fellow actress Pythias Espino, the sensational star of Blue lagoon II.
    Then the ceremonies began. Two lovely people bound together for life.
    Alas! Only two months after that memorable occasion, we were informed that one of our dear friend passed away. Our beloved friend Ceasar Torralba died in a rare aging disease called progeria. His dying wish was to see his look-alike character . . . .E.T. His physician was Dr. Jonathan Plaza and his two nurses were Teresa Velaquez and Geraldine Jampac. ( No wonder he died). His body now lies in state in his new multi-million dollar museum.
    Months again have passed by and it was 1992 and the year of the summer olympics in Manila.
    Heading the Philippine contingent is the world record holder in the 100 meter dash Mr. Jetter Yee. The swimming team of the host country has its line up such as world record holders Jay Arnel Pag-ong , Rey Francis Ato and Glicerio Clar.
    As I was reading the other columns of the sports page one that caught my attention was the news that Mr. Lorenzo Busa had just won the world professional wrestling championship.
    Noticing it was seven in the morning I opened the TV set to hear the news on Watch New Morning Edition,
       Topping the Headlines:
   ­ Two NPA commanders were caught in Agusan Shoot out.
   ­ Philippine judiciary has a new chief justice.
   ­ Yakuza man nabbed at MIA
   ­ Philippines is now the number one exporter of coconut oil
      The details:
   ­Two NPA commanders were caught after a shoot-out at Mt. Mayapay. The two commanders were identified as commander Theodore Monoy and Albert Mass, I mean Misa.
   ­ Philippine Judiciary has a new Chief Justice in the person of Chief Justice Vicente Salcedo, Chief Justice Salcedo has a long list of achievements one of which was topping the BAR exams.
   ­Two Yakuza men were nabbed at he Manila International Airport. The two Yakuza men were identified as Eduardo YU and Jose Misael Santos arrested with this two men was a woman also identified to be a member of the Yakuza Seduction Gang in the person of Jannette Jochico.
   ­The Philippine is now the number one exporter of coconut oil. This was disclosed by Coconut Authority President Mr. Noe Hidalgo.
    In the Sports news ­­
    In tract and field, Julito Umiten has just set a new world record in the sprint events. Mr. Umiten was said to out-run the speed of typhoon Julita, the strongest typhoon in human history.
    The Philippine Football federation has just released the official list of representatives of the Philippines to the forthcoming World All-Star Soccer Series. Representing the Philippines in the said series are Darwin Mantalaba, Faustino "Caps" Capuyan, Noel Aguilar and Simon Irasga. The Sports Spectacular is to be held for the first time in the moon.
    The time now is 7:30 a.m. and the news program was over. I packed my bags and left for the airport to take a plane for Butuan to attend the Homecoming, At the airport lobby I saw a poster advertising a fashion show. The highlight of the show was the display of new outfit designed by Lydia Agot and her dresses were made out of goat's skin.
    At the airport arrival area there was confusion. The first Philippine made space shuttle has just been hijacked. According to intelligence report the hijackers were identified as Emmanuel Perez, Rodolfo Cupin, Solomon Sadiasa, Rey Perez, Ernesto Tiu, Charlie Go and Noel Aruj.
    The demands of the hijackers is the release of rebel priests Cardinal Ernie Cueva and Bishop Jay John Lawas.
    So much of the hijack confusion I boarded a concord jet for Butuan. In a matter of minutes the plane landed at the Bancasi International Airport.
    At the airport lobby I met Daniel Arquisola, Chalcedony Tiu and Larry Abergas and I found out that these three guys had just played at he NBA and were the first ones to be charged of game-fixing in the said league.
    From the airport I proceeded to the Saint Joseph Cathedral and upon arrival I Found out that the parish priest is Fr. Antonio Mancao and Holy Redeemer Parish, it is Fr. Robert Lamigo.
    After some moments of prayer in the cathedral I immediately visited my Alma Mater Urios College. Urios now has a big complex with buildings for every department. It has its own gymnasium, olympic size swimming pool and a football field. I proceeded to the high school department complex but at the entrance I was met by this awesome, tough looking security guard in the person of Mr. Angelo Jimenez, He was asking for my Identification which I readily gave.
    Upon entering the high school department I took a stroll along the campus, I reached the auditorium, which was then the social hall, and there was a concert. The star of the show was Miss Felina Jayme - the Imelda Papin of 1992. Together with this beautiful young lady is the melodious trio of Rizalino Llanos; Josefino Paloma and Reynaldo Albaracin. Their trio is called as the Apoy Climbing Society.
    I continued my stroll and I bumped at his guy named Edgar Laput who happened to be the head of the Janitorial Section. We had a chat and I found out that most of the administrators, like him, were graduate of batch 83.
    The high school principal is Mr. Denver Cuezon. Guidance Counselor is Miss Paz Grace Perez. The high school librarian is Miss Lucy Ann Galicia. Then . . . . . .

    The alarm clock woke me up and I told myself what a dream!

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