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NAME : AGCAOILI, ERNESTO ADDRESS : 1308 Crisostomo St. Sampaloc, Manila
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : 8171616 LOCAL 114(Off.)
Remarks :
Kung sino man ang pasimuno nito, mabuhay ka. At least sa katulad kong hindi na halos napupunta sa Butuan, kahit papaano may BRIDGE pa rin ako. Kamusta sa inyong lahat, w/ special mention to Ferdie Ponce and Jojo Cuezon. ... Tell something about myself... well sa hindi nakakaalam I married a lady from Batch 83 - Fe Maglines. We're blessed w/ 3 kids - Enrique 6, Joshua, 3 and Carina 1 1/2. Lahat siempre maganda at gwapo, nasa lahi namin. I indicated my e-mail address, but I check my mails only once every so often. Kaya kung may susulat sa akin, apologies for any late reply. Jijil japayuki ka na rin pala... Delfin Cruz, of course you don't have to be popular to be remembered... But let me tell you something Batch 83... From my experience there are many instances that anonimity, being low key and ordinary, can be an advantage. It just a matter of knowing how to use it... By the way...Fe and I just had dinner w/ Bong Paloma and wife Rosemarie Trasmonte, Ting Roslin, Celing! Rosales and Pythias Espino. It' s from them that I got to know of this HOME page... Again, kamusta at hanggang sa muli.

NAME : CORTEL-MERCADER, MA. VICTORIA ADDRESS : 5152 McComber Rd.,Buena Park,CA 90621
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : (714) 736-0718
Remarks :
until 2 days ago,i was clueless about the existence of this web page. thanks to my good old friends(i mean, not so-old friends) josephine "bracken" silaga and celerina rosales for sharing the info. So when's the reunion,guys? I'm married to a cebuano, have 2 girls- Lucille Marie 6 yrs. and Kysha Mae 2 yrs. and as of this writing I'm 5 months on the way and this would be our finale-hoping for a boy this time.Wish us luck!

NAME : ESPINO, MARIA PYTHIAS ADDRESS : Chemistry Department, Ateneo de Manila University,Loyola Heights, Quezon City
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : 426 6001 local 5620(Off.)
Remarks :
Glad to open this site. I just want to be counted in. Currently I'm finishing my PhD in Chemistry at the Ateneo and will be teaching again soon after about 5 years of study leave, i.e. bumming around and pretending to be busy studying! :) Hello to everybody! - Pythias

NAME : MAAŅO-REQUEJO, CHERYLE ADDRESS : 1305 Cordary Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : (310)5336824 (Res.)
Remarks :
Hello! I've heard about our batch web site thru Celerina R.'Glad to see her. Anyway,I am now married for 4 years and have a 22 month old baby girl and her name is Kamille Alexis. Do you guys have plan for a big reunion in the near future? Just keep me up to date....

NAME : PALOMA, JOSEFINO ADDRESS : 10 R. Perez Street BF Executive Village, BF Homes,Paranaque
HOMEPAGE : TEL. NOS. : 632-8074796(Res.), 632-8122124(Off.)
Remarks :
Let me know how I can help to reach out to other batch 83 graduates. Good work bay

NAME : PAG-ONG, JAY ADDRESS : 13-C Venus Homes, Salvador Ext., Labangon, Cebu City
HOMEPAGE : TEL. NOS. : 6332-2618975(Res.), 6332-4166060(Off.)
Remarks :
Thanks at least we can be search from major search engines.. like AOL, Hotbot, Webcrawler, Excite and many more websites......Try to search butuan or urios and our webpage link will show up.....There are still a lot of search engines and I need you to help register this page to announce it to the world......>>>> THANKS

NAME : PRIETE-TATARA, MA. TERESITA ADDRESS : c/o ATJ TRAVEL & TOURS, INC., G/F Doņa Luisa Building, Fuente Osmeņa, 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : (6332) 2536953/55/57(Off.)
Remarks :
Happy to know that we got our own website. Very informative and a great way to communicate and create links with our batch. hoping that I could join one of our reunion. I'm happily married right now, with 3kids and managing my own travel agency.

NAME : ROSALES-AMORES, CELERINA ADDRESS : 2060 Kahilom II, Pandacan, Manila
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : 5648146/ 5633368(Res.), 5246679/ 5247011 (3171&3172)(Off.)
Remarks :
Bless Jay's generous heart & creative soul, UCHS'83 is now cyber-bound! Been married for almost ten years now. Got a 9-year old son & a 5-year old daughter. Presently Bank Officer II at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)- Office of Monetary Board Member/ DTI Secretary Jose Pardo. Aside from writing speeches, etc., am also head of secretariat for the EDSA People Power Commission which the Secretary chairs. Best regards to everybody.

NAME : SILAGA, JOSEPHINE ADDRESS : 266 Essex St. APT. 101, Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : 1-413-535-1576(Res.), 1-413-536-3435(Off.)
Remarks :

NAME : TABILON-TAN, FE ADDRESS : 325 chesterfield circle,madison, tn 37115
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : 615-860-8529(Res.), 615-865-5001(Off.)
Remarks :
Hello to all my friends !!!!!!!glad to see this website. Give my regards to Emily and Paz Grace. Miss them!

NAME : VELASQUEZ-UNGRIANO, MA. TERESA ADDRESS : 4440 West Tiller Ave.,Orange,CA,92868
HOMEPAGE :   TEL. NOS. : (714)750-5854(Res.)
Remarks :
Hello fellow Urians specially to batch '83.Ijust knew about this website from Celerina R. last week when Celerina was here in California.I was so excited to see her coz the last time I saw her was on our graduation day in High school.That's how I miss all of you back home..About myself,I'm happily married to Perry,he's from Infanta,Quezon.We have 2 girls named Therese age 6 and Trisha age 3.Well enough about myself, I want to hear from you all esp. to all my classmates and batch 83 .Hi to Ernesto,Pythias,Cel,Rosemarie,Nolan,Jijil,Jay and to Pleiades where ever they are now.

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